Intrepid Medical Technologies was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary, of Intrepid Innovations Corporation, to focus on the development and marketing of blood and blood platelet preservation. We have entered into an exclusive agreement with ProtoKinetix to fund and develop commercially viable protocols for the AAGP™ molecule to significantly extend the shelf life of blood and blood platelets. This progression into the universal blood market will be contracted out to a major university that specializes in blood research. The medical division of Intrepid Innovations will be headed up by Mr. Tom Snyder, whose qualifications are in the following abbreviated resume. - For more information on the AAGP™ molecule preservative qualifications, please visit


Thomas S. Snyder

Mr. Snyder brings financial and entrepreneurial experience to Intrepid Medical. He has past experience in blood diagnostics and therapeutics with the Hyland Laboratories and Fenwal divisions of Baxter International. Currently, Mr. Snyder serves on the Board of Directors of ImmunoScience, Inc. California based biotech company developing saliva based diagnostic tests and a therapeutic vaccine for HIV/AIDS. He served for ten years on the ImmunoScience management advisory board prior to joining the Board of Directors three years ago. Mr. Snyder is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Business School.